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The Project:

One Mustang directly off the range
One trainer
No tools
Just body language

The Goal:
To discover how far Equestrian Art can be developed solely using body language.

The Challenge:
Without the common tools (bridle, saddle, whip, spurs), or the simple tools (halter, stick, flag) or even the simplest of tools (a rope) What can horse and human develop together?

Using only body language: Can we ride together? Can we move in harmony through all the different gaits? Can we jump? Can we travel together through a simple dressage pattern? Can we navigate a trail class? Can we ride in harmony among other horses and riders? Can we trail ride? Can we perform and inspire others?

There have been many brilliant trainers throughout history who have done all this. However, I don’t know of any, who have done so without the use of tools to dominate at some stage of the process. It is time someone took the challenge.

This Blog is building up to the challenge. For the next year, I Elsa Sinclair, will be posting once a week on the development of ideas. In 2012 the real work begins. One mustang, one trainer, one year.

As I travel through 2011, I have an amazing community of friends, family, and horses, who are going to be developing me for the challenge. Life is an unbelievable teacher. Causing me to think, allowing me to test out processes, discussing, debating, and creating new ideas.

So I invite you to follow along, read the blog, laugh at the meandering path of inspiration, and share with me your thoughts.

This is only the beginning. So to get started, I invite you to head over to the “About” page. Get to know me, the trainer side of the project, and let me know what you think of the challenge ;-)

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  1. I look forward to following this wonderful project!

  2. I really enjoy your blog and the thoughtful, descriptive writing.

  3. Elsa you are a leader and an inspiration to us all. I’ll look forward to catching up on the posts and following your progress. I too have had the dream of starting my now 8yo arabian stallion to be ridden without the use of any tools so thanks for being a guide in this venture. PS We have similar backgrounds with horses!

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