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The Project:
One Mustang directly off the range, One trainer, No tools, Just body language

The Goal:
To discover how far Equestrian Art can be developed solely using body language.

Road Trip!

In a blinding flash, seven months have gone by, and the road trip is now: new tabs on the trailer and wheel bearings attended to, packing bags, checking cameras, hotel reservations, directions, and seemingly endless emails and phone calls working out details for the trip.

My daughter Cameron has decided to stay home with her Dad, leaving this traveling to the crazy adults: John, Margaret and myself. I will miss her youthful view of life and her intuitive advice helping me choose a horse. I understand though: the sixteen hours of traveling we did to get to the beach last week leaves a nine-year-old little girl less than enthusiastic about thirty-two more hours of driving over the next ten days. I leave San Juan Friday morning to work for the weekend, then we leave Seattle Monday morning bright and early, and aim to be back home again on San Juan Tuesday the 16th, new horses in tow. Keep your prayers out for us that everything goes that smoothly.

The first gather of August, Jackies Butte, was completed yesterday with 177 horses brought in and about 75 horses released back into the wild. There is a BLM facebook page (search for Bureau of Land Management – Oregon) if you want to look at more pictures and status updates of the gathers. Here is a page explaining about the current gathers of Jackies Butte and Three Fingers.

It looks like we may miss seeing the gather we were aiming for on Tuesday the 9th. Since Jackies Butte gather completed ahead of schedule, it seems they will be moving right on to gathering the Three Fingers herds, perhaps finishing before we get there. I am of mixed emotions about this. I did want to see the horses gathered in, watching their transition from freedom to captivity, however, I am told it is approximately another three hours drive southeast from Burns where they will set up the temporary pens to gather the Three Fingers herds. From there the horses will be trailered to the main corrals in Burns.

As I am working the weekend before we depart, leaving early is not in the cards for me, so we will let fate play it’s hand and roll with what opportunities are presented. If they are still gathering on Tuesday the 9th, I will be thrilled to go observe. If they are finished, I will be happy to just spend my time watching the horses in the corrals and getting on with the decision-making process.

I will do my best to post next Friday from the road and let you know how the trip is progressing.

Elsa Sinclair


  1. God speed and protection, dear Elsa and crew! We all are along in spirit and look forward to any communication from you along this most incredible journey!

  2. See your way through, like you always do…you WANT to do this. πŸ˜‰ Michael

  3. I’ll be with you in my thoughts. Can feel the excitement right here, sitting in my chair!

  4. How exciting , and drive safe and sound.

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