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The Project:

One Mustang directly off the range, One trainer, No tools, Just body language

The Goal:

To discover how far Equestrian Art can be developed solely using body language.


Riding in Company

As Myrnah carries this foal in its ever increasing size, our day to day activities seem a little slower, a little more thoughtful, and each day a little more awkward in execution. Every moment we spend together is precious nonetheless, and we are doing our best to stay creative in our pursuits of excellence. The most fun this week was our first experience riding in company.

We have waited as long as we have to ride in company because group dynamics require an ability to steer and be in the right place at the right time. The last few weeks Myrnah and I have come to a much clearer understanding of left, right and appropriate response time. So this week was the perfect time to dive into the group and ride alongside our friends.

On Wednesday, Myrnah and I joined Zoe and Shelah, Cameron and Maharrah, Stella and Shahan, and Thea and KC in playing around the field together. Myrnah and I take things slowly; tasks like standing on the platform box while watching the kids and their horses warm up is just our speed.

Myrnah seems to love spending time with me even in the simplest of pursuits.

This week we also set up the Dressage arena. Let me tell you, stopping exactly at each lettered cone, and traveling in a specific straight line from one to the next is a lot harder than it looks. Myrnah has been a good sport as she tries to figure out what I want from her around all these white cones.

I love how often she checks in with me to see if we are still together mentally, emotionally and physically.

I think what I love most though, is how calm and effortless each step of this process seems to be for Myrnah and me. Every new thing I do with her seems a little easier than I had anticipated. I was apprehensive about riding in the big field, the herd loose around us and the kids each on their own agenda. I wondered, Would Myrnah still listen to me and act like my partner as the kids went riding their horses hither and yon with the abandon that kids so naturally have. Myrnah proved my concerns groundless on Wednesday, rising to the challenge of the new riding environment like she had been doing it all her life. Even when two of the loose horses went galloping by us at full speed, she just watched thoughtfully and then turned her head to check in with me. Myrnah and I were a team; what the other horses did was merely an interesting backdrop to our partnership.

So here is looking forward to next week. Will we have a foal to play with? Will the next few months with the baby around to distract us be more challenging, or just be the calm and effortless step by step progression Myrnah keeps showing me she is capable of, despite my occasional apprehensions.

I am sure we will do more riding in company in the months to come. Actually, once this foal arrives, we will always be riding in company. I guess I had better enjoy our solo ride tomorrow, just Myrnah and me, traveling in peace though the countryside. Who knows, it may be our last chance to revel in each other’s company without the constant amusement of a cavorting foal underfoot.

Elsa Sinclair


  1. It will be very interesting when the foal is in the picture. A friend of mine was in the middle of gentling her mustang when it foaled. The mare not only let her handle the foal she made great advancements in the gentling process at the same time. I guess that means she was a bigger part of her mustangs band then she new!

  2. Again nice progress Elsa! I think your story proves that the very quiet and precise way you have been practicing with Myrnah recently, because of her pregnant condition, was just what she needed to be able to make this transfer to the arena riding and group riding, being so tuned into you that she doesn’t even let herself be distracted by all the turmoil that goes on around her.
    I’d like to add that Myrnah looks absolutely wonderful, so shiny and sound! Beautiful :-)!

  3. Another thought out and well described story of your passion with for horse you love. I hope the foal brings much happiness to both your lives

  4. wonderfull! You are going so nicely through the levels of partnership with her. congratulations πŸ™‚

  5. All of your followers must be so proud of you both and inspired to see that things can be done differently. Myrnah looks in beautiful condition – I can’t wait to see the foal – and what happens when he or she is born. Thank you so much for taking us all along with you every step of the way! πŸ˜€

  6. From the ‘gather’ to dressage cones in 9 months!?
    After Cam’s success with her new partner, and now this; can you teach someone, not yet versed in natural horsemanship to do this? In other words, from the ground up? I bet you can.
    Jodi bought Myrnah something for when the time comes. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Michael

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