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The Project:

One Mustang directly off the range

One trainer

No tools

Just body language

The Goal:

To discover how far Equestrian Art can be developed solely using body language.

Myrnah, Errai, and I  

This week’s blog is a photo blog, and a story of what our life looks like together- Myrnah, Errai and I- in the green pastures of Plumb Pond.

Once or twice in each day I head out into the pasture, brushes in hand, a bounce to my step, and a smile on my lips. Before I get too far Errai will notice and give out a shrill little whinny to let me know he knows I am there and we are going to meet up.

We play games where he follows my leading hand, and earns himself more grooming with the gentle game of tag, a touch of his nose against my palm.

Myrnah checks in too at some point, trading soft nuzzles for grooming from me.

Errai, ever the center of attention, begs for more and more grooming, so we up the stakes of the game. Now we play the game of tag where I run and dodge left and right and he plays right along with me, keeping me firmly in his sights until I offer him a hand to touch, nose against palm, ever so gently, earning him more of the grooming he loves.

Sometimes the things around us become far more interesting than our games of tag- a coat on the ground to be investigated, or a grooming kit be knocked over. Sometimes the toys are irresistible.

Sooner or later it is time for Myrnah and I to play, leaving Errai to entertain himself. After a circle left and a circle right, we check in with each other, and, if all feels well, I swing up to ride high.

Every day she feels more confident, traveling a little straighter and a little more boldly, even when we are outside her comfort zone.

Depending on Myrnah’s confidence level, we sometimes ride the perimeter of the central area within the herd. Surrounded on all sides by the other horses is the easiest. Sometimes we are bold explorers and ride the outside perimeter of the herd, or even the outside perimeter of the field, leaving the safe confines of the herd behind us. Sometimes we are confident enough to strike out into canter; sometimes we prefer to build that confidence up one brick at a time with long meandering walks that explore what perimeter ride is comfortable for us that day.

Regardless of how long or short the ride was, Myrnah always seems happy to relax and spend time with me after I jump down to rest and sit in the green, green grass of Plumb Pond.

We have a pretty idyllic life, Myrnah, Errai and I. The evolution of speed and distance, riding the perimeters of herd and field all seem perfect right now. Every time I jump off from a ride I marvel at the twists and turns this journey has led us through to get us where we are today- Myrnah, Errai, and I….

Elsa Sinclair


  1. Myrnah, Errai and I sounds like the first line of an epic poem! I’m so loving following your project. Thank you once again.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous process… Hurray for liberty!

  3. Beautitul stuff!

  4. Elsa,

    You have no idea how grateful I am to Myrnah for leading you on the path you are on! We all benefit so much more than we even realize right now! We, like few others who have been blessed with exceptional mentors will reap much!
    Thanks a bunch once again!

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