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The Project:

One Mustang directly off the range, One Trainer, Many Students, Communication through body language, Tools used only for safety, never to train


The Goal:

To discover how far Equestrian Art can be developed solely using body language.


Taking the Challenge


I want to give you something a little different for the blog this week.


When I started this project with Myrnah I believed it was something truly different than anything that had been done before. I still believe that is true because I have not found anyone willing to train horses without the added incentive of food rewarding behavior, or the added pressure of a whip or rope or fence to push them against. If any of you know it exists, please let me know. I would be so curious to know more.


What I HAVE found, though, is many people pushing limits and taking on challenges all over the world:


How can we exist with horses in a better way?


I find that so very beautiful, worth paying attention to. I encourage each and every one of us everyday to explore what is possible:


How can we live our own lives in better ways?


For now, I leave you with a little inspiration.


Here is Emma Massingale with “The Island Project”:


And here is Honza Bláha with “Open Borders”:


Elsa Sinclair


  1. Hi Elsa,

    I just received the news from Kickstarter that the film is premiering in November in New York. Wow! Congratulations on getting it finished (well nearly finished!) so soon. I am so excited to see it, I can hardly wait. Well done Elsa and well done too to all the people who have helped you make it happen. It must feel almost surreal that it is finally happening – and YOU did it! I feel very happy for you and pleased for me too that I will undoubtedly benefit in my own relationships with horses from your vision in setting up the project and all your hard work in bringing it to fruition.

    Thank you too as you continue to inspire in your blog. Amazingly, the Emma Massingale project appeared some time ago on national television here in the UK on a very popular programme called Countryfile so she really received widespread coverage. I am sure that your film is going to wow audiences around the world and become a source of inspiration for countless horse lovers.

    Enjoy your “big moment” in New York!

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Gary,
      I got to meet Emma this evening. She really is even more lovely in person. I can only hope I leave such a beautiful impression on the world as I pass through it.

  2. Thank you for your insights and inspiration to help each of us find better ways to live our lives– Connie

    • Thank you Connie for sharing with me in the insights and inspiration! With a little care we can all make the world a better place.

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